What’s The Cosmetic Value of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is one of the fat-soluble vitamins that is also called as α-Tocopherol. Vitamin E participates in a lot of vital activities in the body. The special quality of vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant. This quality helps the body cells to get rid of the toxic materials accumulated in the cells. And this feature helps to maintain a good health condition, to improve good vision, as well as decrease the speed of aging in appearance. This third fact is done because of the antioxidant activity of vitamin E, which made it also call as the anti-aging vitamin. Other than the anti-oxidant activity of vitamin E, it fastens the growth of hair, and it brightens and nourishes your skin as well. Because of these actions, it is also used for many cosmeceutical purposes as well. Jumping off to the topic, let’s see what are the cosmetic properties of vitamin E.

Vitamin E for Eye

Vitamin E is used as a treatment for many eye issues as well. Keeping the cosmetic properties aside, vitamin E improves the vision, reduces the risk of getting cataracts, and reduces the eye floaters and vision disturbances caused by them. When considering the cosmetic properties of vitamin E, it acts as an antioxidant and removes toxic substances from the eye cells. This removal of toxic substances prevents the cells get damaged. So is vitamin E good for wrinkles? Yes. The anti-oxidant activity assures the maintenance of good eyesight and prevents wrinkles around the eyes. Simply, the aging or the destruction of the cells slow down with the actions of vitamin E. Also for the patients dealing with type 1 diabetes, the consumption of vitamin E has increased the blood flow in the eyes. This increased blood flow washes away the toxic substances accumulated in the ocular cells And ultimately improves their eyesight.

vitamin E eye treatment

How can I apply vitamin E to my eyes? Interesting question. Actually there are several dosage forms of vitamin E available in the market.

  • Vitamin E Eye Cream/ vitamin E eye serum –These products can be available in the market in different brands. (Ex: – The body shop eye cream, vitamin E eye cream Boots). But commonly the chemical ingredients that are included in an eye cream are vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, etc. Most of the products are paraben-free, which makes it safer to apply around your eyes. when the eye creams are applied around your eyes, the skin becomes smoother, suppler and it reduces wrinkles.

There are specific vitamin E under eye cream as well. The vitamin E under eye creams are usually applied for dark circles. They are usually recommended for any skin type. Everyday application of vitamin E eye cream, will maintain healthy skin around your eyes, hydrate and moisturize the skin and it will give your face a young and delicate appearance.

  • Vitamin E eye drops – Vitamin E eye drops are used to treat dry and irritated eyes. Also, they are used to treat cataract patients, patients with different vision problems, and patients with eye floaters. By the anti-oxidant action of vitamin E, the toxicity in the ocular cells is removed. They not only provide hydration but also provide good protection to the eye from catching infections.

There are several brands of Vitamin E eye drops available in the market. (Ex: – Vitadrops, VisuXL, Novax pharma vitamin E eye drops). Well, because they are applied inside the eye, make sure you use them under the prescription of a doctor. And also make sure you administer the correct dose of Vitamin E at a time.

  • Vitamin E eye cube – These products are semi-solid dosage forms that can be applied to the skin around the eyes. They usually come with a specific applicator called an eye stick, which makes it easy for you to apply. The body shop eye cubes are available in the market. They contain Vitamin E and wheat germ oil. These are applied gently around the eyes. They instantly provide you a fresh, cool, and moisturized skin around the eyes. And they revive the tiredness of the eyes. Usually, they are recommended for all skin types. These products are considered as ideal for travelers.
  • Vitamin E eye pack/ vitamin E eye bags– Vitamin E eye packs are highly recommended for those who are suffering from under-eye wrinkles or dark circles. There are several Ayurveda packs for eye circles as well. They will give you the same effect. But vitamin E eye packs are considered as very effective out of all. By the studies, it is proven that your eye wrinkles fade away by only 3 days of application of vitamin E under eyes. Again this efficiency is gained by the antioxidant properties of vitamin E. they hydrate and moisturize the skin while removing the excessive pigmentation under the eyes. The eye packs may contain glycerin, vitamin E, coconut oil, etc. by applying these eye packs, you can get rid of eye circles for 100% within 2 days.
  • Vitamin E capsules for eye circles– same as the eye packs, you can just apply the vitamin E capsule under the eyes. They moisturize and softens the skin while removing the dark circles and wrinkles by giving you nourishing, glowing, soft skin around your eyes. This is the simplest method of all. You can apply daily at home. The removal of the dark circles is based on the antioxidant activity of vitamin E. there are several brands of vitamin E capsules. (Ex: – Alpha E, Aqua gem E, Aqua sol E, E400, E 600)
  • Vitamin E eye pads/ vitamin E eye patches– The eye patches are usually made up of several ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, trehalose, snail filtrate, collagen, etc.  The special advice for you is when applying eye pads, make sure you don’t sleep with them. If it gets into the eye, wash thoroughly. They can nourish the skin around the eyes. They brighten the skin tone, enhance the skin’s vitality, and also prevent cells from aging. They remove wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. There are several brands in the market (Ex: – COS.W smoothing collagen eye pads)

As you see, most vitamin E eye products are used to treat the dark circles, wrinkles around the eyes, and to nourish, smoothen and moisturize the skin. How can dark circles appear anyway? Can you prevent getting them before curing them later? Yes, very true. You can get dark circles from lack of sleep, allergies, or as a hereditary factor. Anyway once you get the dark circles it’s really hard to go back. It’s important to treat this area before it makes you look old and tired. Vitamin e eye products help you in this situation. It’s a great anti-aging treatment. It also reduces the damages done to the cells by UV rays. Vitamin E fights with free radicals and prevents the cells from self-degradation.

Anyway when choosing your treatment methods, go for more natural, organic vitamin E products. But it’s also good to mix vitamin E with jojoba, avocado, or any other organic anti-oxidant substance to enhance the efficiency of the action. Also, you can go for products such as DERMA E Vitamin E oil to treat your under-eye area. When applying any of these medications, make sure you apply very gently but not roughly because the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate.

Vitamin E for Hair

vitamin e treatment for hair
vitamin e treatment for hair

Vitamin E provides the support for hair to grow strong with a strong base on the scalp by reducing oxidative stress and preserving the protective lipid layer. There’s a technique where it makes effective hair growth by applying correctly. First, you should clean your scalp thoroughly. Then apply vitamin E oil or vitamin E mixed with coconut oil, castor oil, black seed oil, or any other preferred oil. Then gently comb the hair by using a wide-tooth comb. Let the oil stay for about 15 minutes on the scalp. When it’s done, wash the hair thoroughly. You can even skip using a conditioner if your hair already feels moisturized. The application of vitamin E oil not only repairs the damages, it nourishes the scalp, strengthens your hair roots, and also gives some extra shine to your hair. . Is it safe to use vitamin E overnight? Of course yes. Dermatologists have said that it’s okay to keep vitamin E on the scalp overnight and wash it off the next morning. So there’s no harm. So why not use it?

The best Vitamin E Oil for Hair is in different brands. Josie Maran Argan oil hair serum is considered the best vitamin E hair oil according to the reviews of the customers. The product includes vitamin E, Avocado, Argan, as well as olive oil. Also, it is free from parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.  This is not to advertise any of the brands, but to give you a clear image of what to use.

Application of Vitamin E for Hair Overnight is considered more effective because it lets the vitamin E absorb well into the scalp. If you are applying vitamin E oil in the daytime, make sure to keep it at least 15 minutes before washing away.

Can I apply vitamin E oil for hair loss? Yes, definitely. There are many benefits of vitamin E for hair. Because the anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E treat oxidative stress in the scalp. By the reduction of oxidative stress on the scalp, hair loss is reduced. And also it improves hair growth. Usage of Vitamin E Capsules for Hair Growth is very effective due to the very reason.

When you apply vitamin E on the scalp make sure to massage the hair roots with your fingertips gently for proper absorption of vitamin E. This massage can increase blood circulation or the blood flow of the scalp. And ultimately with good blood flow, the toxic agents accumulated in the cells may wash away, and healthier hair growth can be obtained.

How does vitamin E restore the shine in the hair? When the cells are damaged in the hair, hair can be dry and frizzy. When the hair is dry, the protective fat layer around the hair cuticle I removed. This can cause it very hard to manage or do any hairstyle by dry hair. What is the solution for dry hair? Definitely, the application of vitamin E oil can replace the protective layer on the hair cuticle. And this can bring back the shine you needed. You can apply vitamin E to hair with shampoo, a hair mask, a conditioner, or hair oil.

 Vitamin E Soft Gel for Hair Repair- The brands such as  KINGBANG BIOLO hair soften essence soft gel, Vitamin E KENSPECKLE hair soft gel are used to treat itchy scalp, hair loss, split hair ends, and also it is anti-dandruff while it stimulates the hair growth. Usually, many of the hair gel products contain aloe vera in addition to vitamin E. Vitamin E and aloe vera together act very effective in restoring the protective lipid layer on the hair cuticle and bringing back the shine. They are sulfate-free, which is very healthy to use. Sometimes the soft gels are packaged as single-dose capsules, that you have to break and apply to your hair.

Vitamin E shampoo-  Vitamin E shampoo is also a good treatment for damage repair. Ultra-Nourishing Vitamin E Shampoo can boost your hair growth while adding a swish and shine to your hair. There are many brands of vitamin E shampoo in the market. Ex:- OGX vitamin E shampoo. Usage of the vitamin E shampoo daily can be very effective. These are usually free from sodium lauryl sulfate which makes them extra healthy to use.

Vitamin E capsules- Vitamin E capsules are the easiest treatment for you. You can apply vitamin E mixed with different other ingredients to enhance efficiency. Vitamin E Capsules for Hair Growth Reviews have shown evidence that vitamin E enhances the strength and growth rate of the hair. There are a few brands for vitamin E capsules (Ex:- Evion 400) the preferred dosage of vitamin E for hair is 400mg. That means one capsule per day will be adequate.  You can mix several organic oils when applying Vitamin E to your hair, as Vitamin E serum is highly dense. For example, you can use,

  • Vitamin E Capsule and Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E
  • Vitamin E and Black Seed Oil
  • Blue Magic Organ Oil and Vitamin E
  • Johnson’s Baby Oil and Vitamin E
  • Bronner Brothers Double Strength Super Grow with Vitamin E
  • Black Jamaican Castor Oil with Vitamin E
  • Olive Oil and Vitamin E
  • Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E
  • Mustard Oil And Vitamin E
  • Keratin and vitamin E with coconut oil

Vitamin E Hair Growth Results have been enhanced with the mixing of organic oils as such. A few Vitamin E drops mixed with oil can produce an adequate dose. You can use Vitamin E Capsules to apply On Hair by breaking it and taking the serum out. Is it more effective to apply vitamin E oil warmed? You do not want to heat vitamin E before application because it can alter the chemical structure of alpha-tocopherol in it. But If you consider it a bit warm, you can heat up the oil, let it cool down a bit and add the vitamin E capsule to it. Yes, the absorption can be more effective with a little bit of heat.

Other than applying vitamin E topically, the intake of Vitamin E Capsules for hair can also be preferred. But this makes it longer to reach the scalp through the blood flow, as it goes through the digestive system to the blood via the first-pass metabolism. Therefore it’s less effective to take vitamin E pills for hair.

Vitamin E hair spray– there are many brands of vitamin E hair spray in the market. (ex: – Vita e, OKAY vitamin E spray mist, Wokali vitamin E spray). Most of these hair sprays are used to give a long-lasting hold, and a good shine to the hair, when doing hairstyles. They can be used on dry or slightly damp hair for a perfect hold.

vitamin E for hair spray

 In addition to these products, you can produce vitamin E hair spray at home. It’s simple. Get a spray bottle and unscrew the lid first. Warm 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and pour it into the bottle. Add 3 drops of lavender oil. Add 1 cup of distilled water. Add a few drops of vitamin E to it. Close the lid tight and shake for a few minutes to mix it thoroughly.

Are these products for women? Actually not. Vitamin E is a treatment for both men and women. When it comes to men’s perspective, there are massage therapies of vitamin E for boldness. It boosts hair growth in the scalp. And when it comes to beard and facial hair, it plays a major role. It is considered a part of a male personality to have a healthy beard. It depends on your personal preference. But a healthy beard gives men a mature and handsome look. If you use vitamin E for scalp hair why wouldn’t you use vitamin E for facial hair? Vitamin E is good for beard growth. It gives a thick and undamaged beard. When it comes to hair even, you can use vitamin E for low porosity hair. Vitamin E makes your hair and beard thick and strong.

 Is it okay to apply vitamin E for black hair? Definitely yes. Because vitamin E prevents the hair cells from oxidizing, it prevents premature aging. And so vitamin E is used to get rid of unwanted gray hair that appears with age. It gives you black and shiny hair. Even in hair straightening, vitamin E is used in the process to reduce the damage done to the hair. There are a few uses of vitamin E in hair straightening.  Keratin and Vitamin E are used in these hair treatments. Because keratin is the main protein in the hair cells, it repairs the damaged cells with the supply of adequate keratin. After tinting, highlighting, relaxing, rebounding, coloring, firming and any other hair treatments, vitamin E and keratin are used. Vitamin E acts as a protective layer of lipid on the hair cuticle and protects against the damage done by the hair irons.

Vitamin E for Skin

vitamin E treatment for face
vitamin E treatment

Is Vitamin E Good for Skin? Why not. Vitamin E repairs the damages done by toxic substances in the cells and prevents the cells from aging.  In addition to that, there are some special benefits of vitamin E for skincare. Vitamin E is considered to be beneficial in reducing hyperpigmentation. The studies have shown that the combination of vitamin C and vitamin E can be applied as a sun blocker and it protects the skin by hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E also prevents skin aging. When you apply vitamin E with your daily body lotions or creams, it gives you youthful and firm skin. Because a gentle massage increases the blood flow in the skin, and it helps the cells to get rid of the toxic agents inside the cells.  

Is it okay to apply Vitamin E for Oily Skin? Yes. But, if you have oily skin you may use a thinner layer of vitamin E serum or toner than a thick layer. Sometimes vitamin E is not recommended for oily skin. If you apply vitamin E for oily skin, make sure to wash off after 15 minutes. Do not keep it overnight. It only makes it oilier. But, if you have dry skin or eczema, it is better to apply some vitamin E with your moisturizer. Studies have shown that vitamin E oil can be helpful in mild psoriasis too.

The other benefit of vitamin E is that it removes the dirt in your skin. The emollient properties of vitamin E, remove the dirt in the skin pores, and gives you smooth clean, and nourished skin. Anyway if you are applying vitamin E to the face, please try some of it in some small areas first. If that area feels itchy and red after a while, it may not be compatible with your skin. Therefore, it is not recommended for every skin type. Sometimes vitamin E can cause face irritation too.

There are many topical vitamin E products in the market. Some of them are,

  • Vitamin E Body Lotion
  • Jason Age Renewal Vitamin E
  • Royal Jelly Vitamin E
  • Cococare Vitamin E Cream
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Vitamin E
  • Ayurvedic Vitamin E Moisturizer
  • Vitamin E Skin Care Cream
  • Vitamin E Capsules for Skin
  • Olive Oil and Vitamin E For Skin
  • Elixify Vitamin E Serum

In wound healing, vitamin E is considered effective. According to studies, the application of vitamin E before and after a surgery fastens the healing of the wound faster. But when it comes to acne scars, the application of vitamin E hasn’t shown much of progress. Sometimes application of vitamin E on acne can be itchy. But with the antioxidant activity, vitamin E may help the repairing of the cell damages. But the studies have shown it Is better to get adequate vitamin E through food for scars than applying vitamin E topically. Anyways it is believed that it heals acne scars faster. It depends on the type of skin you’ve got.

What is the effect of vitamin E on skin whitening? Well, when it comes to skin whitening vitamin C is more effective. But vitamin E helps to cleanse your skin and remove the impurities from your skin. This can give you fresh and lightened up the skin. So it’s nothing to do with whitening. In the beauty industry vitamin E mixed with lemon juice is used as a skin whitening product. Ordinary vitamin E capsules can be used in these treatments.

Effect of vitamin E for night sweats? Night sweats are an unpleasant experience if you are an adult woman after menopause. Well, vitamin E supplements are the best solution for night sweats. As vitamin E contains alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol, they reduce night sweats. Even vitamin E has shown progress in reducing hot flashes. As vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, it reduces the oxidative depression of your skin cells which increases with age. The dietary supplements that are rich in vitamin E can be very helpful in this matter.

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