Do I take Ashwagandha in the morning or at night?

When is the best time of day to take ashwagandha?

Are you finding a stress reliever? During this pandemic, most of us were restricted to home and bored. As a result, most of us feel stress and anxiety due to less physical activity.

Here is some good news. Have you ever tried Ashwagandha as a herbal remedy? If so, did you take it properly?

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an evergreen plant belonging to the group “adaptogens”. It is popular for its use against stress. It contains chemicals that can do certain things.

  • It calms the brain
  • Reduces swelling
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • Change the activity of the immune system.

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a herb in the Ayurvedic medicine, Rasayana, or tonic system. Rasayana means medicinal, herbal, or metallic preparations. They are used to get youthful energy, physical and mental good health. Ashwagandha is a plant native to India and has several other names.

For instance,

  • Indian ginseng
  • Indian winter cherry
  • Poison gooseberry
  • Amangura
  • Asan
  • Asana
  • Ashandha
  • Aswagandha , etc.

In Sanskrit, “Ashwa” means horse, and “gandha” means smell or odour. This plant belongs to the Solanaceae family and it grows over India, the Middle East, and some parts of Africa.

When considering the chemicals in this plant, it contains several phytochemicals.

  • Alkaloids – isopelletierine, anaferine, cuseohygrine, anahygrine, etc.
  • Saponins
  • Steroidal lactones – withanolides, withaferins
  • Sitoindosides and acylsterylglucosides
  • Sitoindosides VII-X
  • Withaferin-A

These active compounds have antistress activity, supports immunomodulatory actions,

Do I take Ashwagandha in the morning or at night

What are the uses of Ashwagandha?

Ancient Indian medicine has been using Ashwagandha for about 6000 years as a Rasayana. This remedy has been given to people of all ages from children to elderly ones.


The root has the characteristic odor of this herbal plant. It has several values such as a tonic, diuretic, narcotic, aphrodisiac, astringent, anthelmintic, stimulant, and thermogenic.

The root is useful as a tonic for children (emaciation for children) and usually given with milk. For elderly people the root is useful in,

  • Rheumatism
  • To overcome debility from old age
  • Leucoderma – also known as vitiligo. The skin loses some of the natural pigments and whitish patches have arisen over the skin.
  • Vitiated conditions from vata
  • Constipation
  • Lack of sleep (insomnia)
  • Nerve damage
  • Goiter, etc.

The paste made from the powder of root with water is useful for inflammation of joints. Physicians apply this application externally on such areas of joint inflammations, carbuncles, ulcers (burning sensation conditions), or painful swellings.

In Indian traditional medicine, physicians prescribe combinations of Ashwagandha root and other suitable drugs for snake venom and scorpion sting. More importantly, it is also useful in flatulent colic, worms, piles, pimples, leucorrhea, and boils.

Some publications say “Nagori Ashwagandha” is the supreme version of the plant.


Leaves have a bitter taste. They have actions against fever and swellings.


Flowers of this plant have astringent properties, depurative, diuretic, and aphrodisiac properties.


Seeds have anthelmintic actions.

Seeds extract combined with astringents and rock salt are used to remove white spots on the cornea. Moreover, certain preparations containing seed extract are effective for anxiety, hysteria, memory loss, syncope, etc.

Additionally, it increases sperm count and acts as a stimulant.

The most important thing is that all of these uses essentially need medical advice before taking any of those preparations.


Do I take ashwagandha in the morning or at night?

Normally you have to take ashwagandha based on your needs. There are different benefits when taking this medicine in the morning and at night or at both times.

What will happen when you take Ashwagandha in the morning?

Boost your energy

If you want to level up your energy throughout the day, this is one of the best herbal therapies. Studies have shown that taking ashwagandha in the morning can increase energy levels by improving resilience against physical and mental stress.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Not only for diabetic patients, normal healthy people also can get unusual high blood sugar levels. In such cases, taking ashwagandha in the morning simply maintains a proper and healthy blood glucose level.

This medicine can reduce blood cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that can increase blood sugar levels. The reduction of cortisol keeps your glucose levels at a normal level.

Reduce anxiety

Life is all about happiness and problems. That is normal. The thing is living stable even with the problems.

Most people experience anxiety, depression, and hopelessness feelings during this COVID-19 pandemic. Because of several health issues, not having enough social connections, lockdowns in most of the year make people in a more depressed state.

For this problem, as a herbal remedy, Ashwagandha has marked results. As you already know this medicine acts as an adaptogen. Adaptogens have been widely used for their amazing properties of eliminating and reducing anxiety and stress. It has a magical anti-stress activity.

When you take this supplement in the morning you can have such an active and stress-free life throughout the day.

Increases hemoglobin levels

Haemoglobin is the oxygen carrier of your body. It provides oxygen and hence sufficient energy to all body tissues. Without haemoglobin, you can’t do your daily tasks properly in an energetic way.

Taking Ashwagandha supplements in the morning can start your day just like taking an energy pill. It increases red blood cells and results in increased haemoglobin levels in the blood. Ultimately you can have a lot of energy and muscle strength. This keeps you active and you can perform the daily activities more powerfully.

Also, this medication boosts the powerful exercising muscles in the morning.

  • Improve your digestive system

Ashwagandha helps to reduce bloating, upset stomach during the day. If you take it in the morning, you will feel comfortable during the day. In addition, a study published in the African journal of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicines in 2017, says this herbal extract can reduce stress-induced gastric ulcers.

Why should you need to take Ashwagandha at night?

Having a healthy sexual life

 ashwagandha in the morning or at night

Ashwagandha is traditionally used for improving better sexual life and reproductive ability. Both men and women can take this medicine for this purpose for years.

Scientists have identified the plant with its special compounds of fertility-boosting properties using multiple human studies.

Furthermore, it increases testosterone levels in men and improves sexual activity. In another way, it elevates the sperm quantity and quality in men.

Improves sleep

Do you get enough sleep every day?

It is important to have good quality and enough sleep for a healthy life. Ashwagandha improves your sleep. Also, it increases the quality of sleep. It is a proven medicine for insomnia or lack of sleep.

Taking ashwagandha at night provides you with quality sleep. So you can wake up actively the next morning.

Makes your mind clear and calm

When you take the medicine at night it will help to keep your brain calm. Since you are ready for a rest at sleep this will make it easier. Ashwagandha has anti-toxic effects and anti-oxidative properties.

It helps lighten the brain. When you are ready for sleep the brain’s focus loses on other internal organs. So that the medicine can mainly act on the brain and hence you can achieve better results.

During the day there are many chemical and biological reactions happening inside the body. Sometimes these reactions make free radicals which cause damage to your nerve cells and disturb natural sleep patterns.

The antioxidant activity destroys the free radicals and prevents their formation.

Supports good lymph drainage

During the night this powerful herbal medication helps to maintain lymph drainage. So in the next morning, you can wake up with amazing focus, attention abilities, and excellent concentration power.

Can I take Ashwagandha every day?

The safe daily dose of ashwagandha for human usage depends on the desired outcome. The safe dose is ranging from 250mg to 500mg daily. Most of the time according to the need, the dose changes and it is safe to take daily. These doses are prescribed based on human studies.

However, everyone has their own ability to tolerate those doses. You need to take advice from a medical professional to select the best safe dose for you. Usually starting from the low doses will help you to recognize the suitable dose for you. After That, you can level up the daily dose with the directions of your healthcare provider.

Should I take Ashwagandha with food or an empty stomach?

You can take these supplements at your convenient time. But if you have any stomach upsets like gastritis, stomach ulcers it may be good to take with food or just after a meal. Most of the time, physicians direct to take two or three times a day just before a meal or with a meal.

In addition, you can take the capsules, or pill with water, milk, or mixed with other fluids. Traditionally people take this medication with ghee, hot milk, or honey.

How long does Ashwagandha take to work for anxiety?

It may take you days to weeks to notice the results. Some studies indicate depending on the lifestyle it usually takes two weeks for most people to show positive results. However, the time depends on the quality of your supplement.

In the market, ashwagandha is available as capsules, pills, powder, and extracts. However, the US FDA has not approved this medication. So you need to take medical advice before you take any of those dosage forms.

When should I take Ashwagandha powder, after or before exercise?

This depends on your needs. It doesn’t matter that you take the dose before or after the workout. Taking the powder of extract boosts your energy levels and keeps you active.

What are the health benefits of using Ashwagandha?

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • May boost testosterone in males and improves male fertility
  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • May reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides levels in the blood
  • May reduce inflammation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • It may have anti-cancer properties
  • Reduces cortisol levels of the blood
  • Reduce the symptoms of depression
  • Maintain a healthy nervous system – ashwagandha helps the nervous system to function normally. It naturally supports the GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA keeps the brain calm and relaxed.
  • Maintain joint health – by reducing inflammation around joints. Some studies have indicated useful for joint stiffness, pain, discomfort in normal wear and tear in healthy people.
  • Provide good quality sleep
  • Maintain heart health
  • Provides optimal immune function in the body.

What are the side effects of Ashwagandha?

Although this is a safe herbal medication, some people might experience unwanted effects. Therefore like any other supplement you need to take medical advice before taking it. In contrast to normal healthy people if you are taking any medication for other diseases like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, thyroid function abnormalities you need to take instructions before taking Ashwagandha.

However, most people take this in small and middle quantity doses. Most times you may experience side effects if you take this in large quantities.

Possible side effects are,

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Digestive upsets
  • Intestinal ulcers
  • Gastric ulcers

You don’t have to worry because most of these side effects present for a short time. However, if it lasts a longer period you need to take medical advice.

Will Ashwagandha make me sleepy?

Yes, it is. Since this facilitates sedation it can cause sleepiness and drowsiness. It acts as a sedative medicine. If you take this with other sedative drugs you might feel more sleepiness. So you have to be careful when taking other medicines.

Does Ashwagandha make you horny?

This can make you more relaxed hence it improves your sexual activity. Several studies have identified ashwagandha can successfully reduce stress and increase sexual desire. It also indicates when the mind is free from stress, the body also becomes relaxed and it will make it easier to achieve sexual arousal.

However, according to the US National Library of Medicine, there is no significant evidence of improving symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Does Ashwagandha make you gain weight?

No. Ashwagandha does not cause body weight gain. Usually, it is useful for reducing weight. Although it increases muscle mass it does not increase body fat.

Does Ashwagandha increase blood pressure?

Not really. This medicine probably decreases high blood pressure. So it is effective in reducing elevated blood pressure.

Is Ashwagandha good for ladies?

Yes, studies have shown it is good for females and shown many health benefits. Unless you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother you can take this herbal remedy the same as men. However as previously said if you take any other medications you need to take medical advice before taking these supplements.

Is Ashwagandha bad for kidneys?

Because of its immune-boosting activity, ashwagandha may produce allograft rejection of the kidney. However, in normal conditions, it is an overall safe medication against kidney and liver toxins. It has antioxidant activity hence acts as a powerful toxins remover. Ultimately it prevents kidney damage.

Does Ashwagandha increase testosterone in females?

Similarly, as in men this herb can increase testosterone hormone, decrease follicular stimulating hormone (FSH), and increase Luteinizing hormone (LH) production in females.

Moreover, it increases blood flow to female reproductive organs and decreases stress hormones.

Is Ashwagandha good for hair?

If you find something effective for your hair, this is one of the best herbs for hair. Ashwagandha has the chemical DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). It is a potent antioxidant that removes free radicals. It helps to fight against free radicals and improves hair growth. This herb can maintain the health of hair follicles and prevents blockages of follicles.

Is Ashwagandha good for inflammation?

As previously said this is one of the best herbal medicines for inflammation. It improves the activity of natural killer cells. Natural killer cells belong to the immune system. They contain special enzymes that can kill tumour cells and infected cells by viruses.

Reducing the markers of inflammation makes an anti-inflammatory effect especially around joints. It keeps your joints healthy and prevents rheumatism.

Does Ashwagandha suppress appetite?

This herb helps to reduce blood cortisol levels and indirectly reduces appetite. The ultimate result is to reduce weight.

When should Ashwagandha not be taken?

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not take ashwagandha. In addition to them if you have the following health conditions you should not take this herbal medicine.

  • Metabolic disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Low blood pressure
  • Thyroid diseases
  • If you are organ transplanted
  • Diabetes.

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